Beijing Mibo Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Mibo) is a national high-tech enterprise, has ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and R&D qualification of national electronic information equipments. Since the company was founded, which stick to telecommunications and radar electronic information monitoring as guide, obtained a number of national invention patents, and to achieve the international advanced technology level. The products of Mibo are mainly used for emergency communication, targets monitoring management and control system etc.

Mibo can provide technical support for anti-terrorist, striking crimes, border prevention and control, vital area defense etc, and also provide emergency communication services for disaster relief, field exploration, sailing and polar research etc.


The headquarters of Mibo is located in Beijng, and two branch companies respectively are in Gu’an and Xi’an. The R&D building and office are more than ten thousand square meters. The area of test base is over sixty thousand square meters. For satisfy the needs of R&D, the company purchased many shelter cars and advanced instruments, sets complex environmental testing equipment and various types of precision machining center. For the security of communication and radar electronic signal monitoring, 

Mibo established multiple band observation and control antenna array and electronic signal monitoring center, which can track, receive and process signal of communication system and radar at the same time.

In the aspect of equipment development and production, the company adheres to purchase copyrighted software and original device, in strict accordance with ISO quality management system requirements for scientific research and production management. After many years experience, 85% of products are their independent research and development products except the chip. That is not merely guarantee the product quality, but also can quickly respond to user improvement requirements, accurately and efficiently on equipment maintenance and security.


Mibo has ten R&D departments and corresponding production and management departments, 75% of employees are scientific research position. The company pays attention to the introduction and training of talents, and frequently sends key employees to foreign famous enterprises for further training. In order to stimulate the innovation ability of employees and reduce the pressure of staff life, the company has generous research award fund and housing, medical insurance fund.

III.Technical ability

After years of pioneering and innovative, Mibo has been become one of the major domestic scientific research and production enterprises in communication, communication monitoring, Doppler radar and passive measurement and control radar, electronic signal management and control etc and other related fields. The company has a higher market shares in the domain of international anti-terrorist electronic information equipment. The self-developed signal processing equipment and information processing software based on software radio technology has the ability to demodulate, decode and information processing of various system communication signals.

Mibo can provide secondary development and multi-field engineering applications based on Inmarsat, Thuraya, Iridium and other mobile satellite communication systems. The introduction of the international mainstream VSAT, DVB-S2 satellite communication system from United States and Canada is providing specialized satellite communication services for our country and the surrounding area.

The company’s small UAV denial system , high detection sensitivity, the slow target detection ability and other characteristics, can reconnaissance quickly and locate accurately to the "low, slow and small" aircraft. Based on that technology, through frequency spread and hopping of UAV and combine with remote control instruction cracking, can be realized the UAV remote denial.