Mibo (Beijing Mibo Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd.) provides telecommunications and electronic information system . We specialise in research, development, manufacture, integration of communications, radars, radio monitoring management, and information software.

Mibo has successfully implemented the manufacture techniques in compliance with the national certified electronic equipment manufacture qualification. We believe in “Strictness, Preciseness, Unity and Creativity” as the core value of the company and we excel in providing competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and technical services to fit any demanding requirements form our customers.

Our product portfolio includes:

Mobile/ broadband satellite, HF/VHF communication systems

Signal processing algorithm, RF (radio frequency)/baseband circuit devices

HF/VHF antenna, automatic tracking satellite antenna and control devices

System integration, technical supporting services and solutions tailored to specific needs of customers

The electric-scanning radar developed by Mibo could be used to detect LSS (low altitude, slow speed, small radar cross-section) airborne targets. It features of the small UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)/vehicles surveillance and raising early warning to counter the threat. Relying on the combination system of the radar and the radio reconnaissance and jamming equipment allows to implement protection and security for vital area and high profile events.

Mibo’s radio monitoring management equipment integrates functions of signal spectrum monitoring (up to 40GHz), signal detecting, feature analysis, parameter measurement, signal processing, radio direction finding and positioning, voice and data analysis, illegal signal monitoring and blocking. Moreover the equipment has been designated to fulfill the requirements for vehicular mounting, dismounting, shifting and transporting for respective scenario.