7.5m Antenna Servo Tracking System

The 7.5m antenna servo tracking system is the corollary equipment of the ground reconnaissance station of the C-band satellite communication, and is used to track and capture the signal from the C-band synchronous orbit satellite. The system includes signal inspection and processing module and motor driving and controlling module. On the purpose of tracking the signal continuously, the system inspects the satellite signal at real time, tunes the pitch angle and horizontal azimuth pose of the antenna coordinating with the motor driving system and the angle transducer; and makes the antenna always aimed at the direction of the coming signal from the satellite.

The system is provided with the display and the control interface. The user could get the pose information of the antenna and the strength of the satellite signal via the LCD at real time. Moreover, through the key of the control interface, the user could enter into the control menu to modify the satellite parameters and the antenna operation mode for the purpose of tracking different satellites via different operation modes.

Product function

1. Manual alignment of the satellite

Be able to control the rotating of the satellite up, down, left and right, coordinating with the strength of the receiving signal to capture the maximum value of the signal and achieve alignment of the satellite manually.

2. Preset the target

The system could calculate the relative angle of the target according to the information of the local position by preset the longitude and latitude of the target and could drive the antenna rotate to direction of the target.

3. Tracking maintain

The system could adjust the azimuth and the pitch of the antenna automatically according to the signal strength from the beacon receiver and make the antenna always aimed at the direction of the coming signal from the satellite for the purpose of tracking the target continuously.

4. Limit protection

The system is featured of limit positions of software and hardware. It could prevent the antenna from being mechanical destroyed by exceeding the design arrangement through monitoring the operation condition of the antenna by the angle transducer.

5. Comprehensive display

Be able to display the information of pitch and azimuth angle of the antenna and strength of the signal.

Performance index

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Rotating range

Azimuth: 0~±80°, pitch: 5~±90°

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Tracking accuracy

Better than 1/7 of width of the antenna half power beam

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Maximum angle speed

Not less than 0.015 °/s

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Power supply

Three phases AC: AC380V±38V

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Environmental temperature

Operation temperature: -10~55

Storage temperature: -50~65

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Size and weight

The exterior panel of the chassis is the 19 inch series, standard 4U chassis


Weight: ≤9kg

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