Iridium L-band Auto-tracking Satellite Antenna

The Iridium L-band auto-tracking satellite antenna is mainly used to capture and receive the signal from Iridium and other low orbit mobile communication satellite. The antenna adopts two-axis stepping servo tracking platform, and circularly polarized micro-band. In comparison with the common omnidirectional antenna, the gain of this antenna is higher and the receiving distance is longer.

The interior of this antenna is the integration of the amplifier converting, the motor driving and the signal inspecting circuit. While on the exterior of this antenna is installed the Beidou navigation antenna and the angular transducer, which coordinating with the self-developed upper computer software could calculate the relative positions between the satellite and the antenna. It is able to capture the signal by adjusting the pitch and horizontal angles. Meanwhile, the signal inspection unit inspects the strength of the satellite signal at real time and continuously fine tuning the pose of the antenna to make sure the received the signal is always the maximum value.  To constitute an antenna array using 4 Iridium L-band self-tracking antennas is able to track and capture signal from any Iridium satellite passing from the current region at any time.

Performance index

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Receiving frequency: 1616MHz~1626.5MHz

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Output frequency: 66.75MHz~77.25MHz

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Polarization: right circularly polarization

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Antenna gain:≥12dB

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Link gain: ≥75dB

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Rotate range: pitch: 0°~90°; azimuth: 0°~360°

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Tracking accuracy: better than 1/5 of width of the antenna half power beam

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Operation voltage:DC 20V~28V

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Maximum power consumption: less than 40W

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Environmental temperature:

Operation temperature: -40℃~55℃

Storage temperature: -50~65

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Size and weight

Size: height about 425mm, diameter about 360mm

Weight: less than 8.5kg

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