1KW HF Power Amplifier

The 1KW HF power amplifier adopts the technique of low power consumption, which integrates output signal of two 500W power amplifiers to fulfill the requirement of HF communications over far greater distances. The two 500W amplifier could also works independently on the user’s request. The product could also communicate simultaneously at different frequency points with the feature of high flexibility and reliability.

Product function

a) Be able to display the output power;

b) Be able to set the output power;

c) Be able to report hint of power, temperature and trouble;

d) Be able to conduct self-protection when overdriving, over-temperature, overloading and open-circuit.

Performance index

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Operation frequency: 1.6MHz30MHz

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Input/output VSWR: ≤1.5

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Input level: 0dBm~15dBm

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Input power: 1050W±50W(60.2dBm±0.2dBm)

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Link gain: ≥61dB

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Gain adjustment: 20dB

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Third order intermodulation: ≤-30dBc(1KW PEP)

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Harmonic component: ≤-60dBc (output power 1KW)

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Power supply: DC28~32V

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Heat dissipation: air cooling

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Operation temperature: -40~55

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Storage temperature: -50~65

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