Fixed HF Control System

The antennas of the transmitting station and the receiving station of the fixed HF control system (hereinafter referred to as control system) could be deployed at different location on the purpose of controlling the distance of the receiving station and the controlling operation station nearby the command and control center meanwhile the transmitting station been located at mountainous regions or far away from the urban area. It only needs dedicated optical cable or telecommunication network to operate nation-widely; also it could be controlled through 3G/4G wireless data.

This control system is a new type HF telecommunication controlling and managing system, which incorporates radio communication technology, computer control technology and computer network communication technology in order to strengthen the degree of automatic and intelligence and improve the efficiency of telecommunication. Through the computer, the whole control system is capable to control, telemeter and communication remotely, which achieves the target of information auto-processing, equipment centralized management and unified dispatching, as well as interconnectivity of HF telecommunication networking, telecommunication automatically and other telecommunication networking.

This control system is composed of central control equipment, receiving station equipment and transmitting station equipment. The central control equipment includes integrated console and telecommunication equipment; the receiving station equipment includes adaptive controller and receiver; and the transmitting station equipment includes transmitter and antenna switching equipment.

Product function

1. Be able to control pairing from the receiver, transmitter and adaptive controller remotely;

2. Be able to turn on/off the receiver, transmitter and adaptive controller through the central control console remotely;

3. Be able to preset parameters of the receiver, transmitter and adaptive controller through the central control console remotely;

4. Be able to monitor the display information (the switch information, operating condition, the network operating condition etc. of the receiver, transmitter and adaptive controller).

Performance index

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Audio interface: 0dBm±10dB,600Ω balanced audio signal

xmasUI-dreamdust.png PTT keying interface: low level effective

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Remote control interface: RS-232

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Network interface: standard E1 group interface, meet the ITU-T G. 703 suggestions

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Interface ratio: 2048kbps

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Interface code type: HDB3 code

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Impedance:75Ω, unbalanced

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Traffic type: data, fax, acoustic code voice, analog voice

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Communication ratio:  2400bps, 1200bps, 600bps, 300bps, 150bps

xmasUI-dreamdust.png Equipment capacity: 120×120,60×60,30×30,15×15 (numbers of terminals × numbers of channel equipment)

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